Ralph Lindberg
Member: SCA, ARRL, AMSAT, Kitsap County ARES, CS-VHF, NW-Microwave
They call if Surfin' the Net 'cause it's so easy to wipe out

Ellen Winnie
Member: SCA, ARRL, Puget Sound Lace Makers, Kitsap County ARES, Kitsap County FMS
Just because I'm not doing anything doesn't mean I have nothing to do

In the Society for Creative Anachronism we are also known as
Ellen Fraser: OL, CB, AoA, GdS, JdL, Wyvern, Acacia, Courtier of Blatha An Oir (Emeritus)
Hrollaug (called Ralg) Nilsen: OP, CB, Sargent of Baltha An Oir (on leave), Wyvern (founding member)

Our pets
That blue Imp of a Cat: SG PL B 8 Y L W C+ I++ T A+ E H+ S+ V++ F Q--- P+ B+ PA PL,
Joxer D'bold: SG P B 7 Y L++ W+ C+ I++++ T++ A++ E++ H+ S V F- Q+ P B+ PA+ PL,
Clawd: DS Rt G 7 Y L W C++ I++ T+ A- E+++ H++ S V F- Q++ P B PA PL
Dandi, Dandilion's Bain Cross: Bb B C 5 X L- W E-p/f W+ T--/+++ A+ e++ a-B-! F+ IQ++ C+ t-- H a+ S- BH--
Baen, as in The: Cross Bs O C 1 Y L W E+ W+ T+++ A+++ e+++ a B- F+ IQ-- C+ t+ H? a? S BH
In memorial
Shaddow D'Cat CR Bd Y d5 Y L- W- C+ I+++ T+ A++ E H S V F- Q P B PA PL,
Skippy BS/Lab Or C- 17 X L W E W+ T+ A e++ d- B- F-- IQ+ C t H? a s+ BH
Chattipus D'Cat SG P B d10 Y+ L W C+ I+++ T+++ A++ E H S+ V+++ F+ Q+ P+ B+ PA+ PL+,
Chari D'Scamp AS Br GY d13 X L+++ W++ C+ I++ T++ A- E+++ H++ S+ V+ F- Q++ P++ B+ PA+ PL+
Buster T'Artichoke

Our favorite Home Pages

  • The Antir Home page is here
  • The Barony of Dragons' Laire home page is here
  • Several SCA homepages are here
  • The RV and Camping FAQ home page is here
  • Making Chain Mail via the Kriegstriber method is here
  • The Weather Conditions at Keyport WA can be found can be found herehere and here (yes there are three weather stations in the town)